Our Performance

The Health Centre runs a daily outdoor unit which is attended by a large number of university employees, their family members and the students from hostel campus as well as from the city with various health related issues. The daily attendance is, on an average, 150 patients with seasonal increase in the number during monsoon. The centre provides treatment in all common health problems as well as treatment in cases of medical emergencies, casualties and severe illnesses. The Centre has a dispensing unit which is well equipped with over 100 scientific, rational and essential drugs with very regular supply. There are additional facilities for indoor admission and small surgical works as well Routine immunization facilities for children, adolescents and those aspiring for higher studies in foreign countries is also done. The Centre has a well equipped laboratory set-up with facilities for all investigations essential for routine diagnosis. Even ECG is done as a routine investigation in patients suffering from cardio-vascular diseases. Our recently opened physiotherapy centre offers benefits to both students and staff in the form of proper physical rehabilitation. Apart from the services given by visiting consultants in the field of Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Skin V.D and Pediatrics, the centre has added a new feather in its cap by starting an E.N.T OPD once a week.  

With the financial assistance allotted in the XIth plan, we have been able to acquire new laboratory equipments as well as undertake the extension and renovation of the existing health centre building. 

The centre has now a new extended wing to house the regular medical staff, visiting consultants, the counseling services & drugs dispensing room.

The centre can now boast of a fully furnished drug dispensing store which is handled by our qualified pharmacist. A separate enclosure is made within the same room for storing of drugs under suitable temperature.