The centre has started a physiotherapy unit offering treatment to patients of arthritis, lower back pain, cerebral palsy, hemiplegia, fractures and blood trauma. It has facilities like equipments for exercise therapy such as Dumb-bells, Thera-bands, Medicine ball, Swiss ball, Gripping exercise tools, Weight cuffs, Aerobic stepper, Ped-o-cycle, Shoulder wheel and electrical modalities like Wax bath, Ultrasound , Combination therapy unit (IFT, MST, TENS)

A full fledged physiotherapy unit which offers specialized rehabilitation exercise training programs to patients suffering from arthritis, back pain, hemiplegia, fractures, blunt injury and students suffering from sports injury. 

It has various equipments for exercise therapy and electrical modalities like wax bath, ultrasound and combination therapy unit for relieving muscles, joint and neurological pain.